The Problem

On average, women make 81 cents to every dollar men earn. And, many groups, unfortunately, earn far less.

The reasons behind this are varied, complex, and, often, institutionalized. However, there’s one realm which we can act on immediately. Salary and raise negotiations.

Our Solution


81cents will be by your side for every step of the negotiation process. We provide a personalized negotiation plan, regular calls to guide you through the process, and on-demand support.

To date, women using 81cents coaching have seen an average salary increase of 12.65%.

Offer & Compensation Reviews

Get personalized feedback on your compensation or offer.

We anonymize your data and solicit feedback from recruiters, hiring managers, and professionals with your exact your background.

You’ll receive a customized report in three business days!


Here’s what our customers have to say…

“81cents is amazing! It's my hope that every woman has the opportunity to work with this group at some point in their career. I found the experience to be extremely valuable.”

Christina L. Delivery Lead

“After working with 81cents, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders!”

Christy L. Project Manager

“Working with 81cents was hugely valuable. For the first time I feel confident and capable as I head into the negotiation process!”

Miranda H. Back-End Engineer

“I had training and experience with negotiation but that still didn't shake the fact that I didn't feel confident going in. When I talked to 81cents, that totally changed. Not only did I get what I wanted, but I also felt good about the process! I would absolutely work with 81cents again and recommend them to anyone working through a negotiation.”

Priya M. VP of Product and Design


Introducing low-cost, success-based promotion, raise, and salary negotiation support, just for women. 

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