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Get personalized feedback on your offer or compensation, and negotiation recommendations from recruiters, hiring managers, and dozens of professionals in your field.

High-quality reviewers

Your offer will be anonymously shown to dozens of top performers at the most prominent tech companies.

Better understand equity & complex bonuses

Reviewers look at your package holistically, identifying the best leverage points.

Learn if your offer is truly fair

Reviewers will weigh in on the fairness of your offer and, if not, what you should be earning instead.

Receive your report in 3 days

We turn around reports asap so you can have hard data and go into your negotiation confident and prepared.

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Submit the details of your offer

Quick, anonymous, entirely online.

We create your personalized report

We anonymize your data and tap our network of professionals in similar fields to provide feedback on your offer and help you best prep for your negotiation. Professionals will give suggestions based on their experience, letting you know if you're being compensated fairly and recommended next steps.

Receive your customized report within 3 days

We'll compile a report based on feedback from our network of accomplished professionals, hiring managers, and recruiters.

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