When it comes to gender equity, some things still feel very backwards. Women make 81 cents to every dollar men earn.

The reasons behind this are varied, complex, and will take years to address. However, there’s one realm which we can act on immediately.

Salary Negotiations

Women negotiate less than their male counterparts. 68% of women accept the salary they are offered and do not negotiate, a 16-percentage point difference when compared to men.

We believe that a willingness to negotiate is the first step needed to close the pay gap in the workplace.

Our female friends are some of the strongest, most capable people we’ve ever met. They are doctors, lawyers, writers, policy experts, and managers. Yet, none of them negotiated the salary for their first job.

Let’s change that.

“Having someone in my corner for every step of the process was so, so valuable.” – Danielle K.

“After working with 81cents, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders!” – Christina L.

“Working with 81cents was hugely valuable. For the first time I feel confident and capable as I head into the negotiation process!” – Miranda H.

“I wish 81cents would sit on my shoulder all day, every day!” – Samm R.